Making A Plan

Making A Plan!

Jesus once talked about making a plan and counting the costs (Luke 14:28- 30). Well, we are doing that in the aftermath of a section of the sanctuary ceiling coming down last Wednesday. All of this was discussed last night in a called meeting of the Trustees and the Executive Team of our church and, yes, we are confronted with a huge challenge. At present, we do not know the cost or the duration of the project that will likely replace the whole ceiling; all of that is in process of being determined as we make our plans to move forward.

Providing key oversight to the project ahead are Chuck Gilmore, Bob Rebscher, Jim Alderman, Peter Johnson and Stephanie Holland. Scott Moser is also helping. Contractors for ceiling, electric, heating and air, sound, and whatever else we might need are being recruited. And, in the meantime, we as a church are making plans to carry on our worship, ministries and programs with as little impact as possible.

This past Sunday was great. With some shifting around of worship space and Sunday School, and a wonderfully positive spirit, we were able to give thanks to God and truly come into his presence with singing!

This Sunday, we will continue our plan for worship, as follows:

The 8:30 service in the chapel, 9:00 service in the Fellowship Hall, Elective Class in the Chapel, and 10:55 worship in the Fellowship Hall.

We are tweaking the seating and climate control in the Fellowship Hall, and are working to make the space more “worshipful.” We would like to add some greenery (Do you have some green plants we could borrow?). And looking ahead, we have secured the Porter Center at the college for Easter Sunday and Good Friday.

We will endeavor to keep you informed as details and plans come together.


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