Practicing ” Radical Hospitality”


In so many ways, we are blessed to be a part of an active, caring, mission-minded church. Our giving for the general fund and mission causes was up during 2015, and we also saw a significant increase in worship attendance. Also, every Sunday, for some time now we have had at least one first-time guest or family arriving to worship with us… and many of those have continued to worship with us! Our guests tell us that we have a “welcoming and friendly church.”

That’s good! That’s what we want. But we know that we can always do better. Hospitality is so important for every church; however, friendliness and hospitality are just the minimum of what we can do. We want to do more. We want to practice “radical hospitality.”

For over a year now, our Radical Hospitality team has been discussing the various steps we as a church can take to “up our game” as a radical hospitality congregation. At the top of the list is this: No person or family should attend our church on Sunday morning and NOT be welcomed and spoken to… multiple times. And, by the way, that isn’t just the job of our greeters and ushers, it is the job of all of us.

I hear it all the time. So, what if someone we greet is already a member? This is my answer: If we see someone we don’t know, it doesn’t matter if they are guests or members. Either way, we should get to know them, if only as a way to build up this Body of Christ. Our job and calling is to welcome everyone. We need to wear our name tags (and if you have misplaced yours, call the church office and Jamie Lancaster will make you a new one).

There is something else you can do when it comes to radical hospitality—you can invite people to your church. If you know someone that might be looking for a church, maybe a newcomer to the area or a co- worker, invite them to attend worship with you or some special event here at church. Isn’t that the best outreach we can share?

In the Love of Christ


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