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We Have This Hope!

The daily news can often be depressing, if we let it. Everywhere we look there is violence
and killings, natural disasters of every sort, poverty and oppression, and more. And those make up the news “out there” in the world. For ourselves, we live from day to day, many of us carrying the burdens of worry, grief, and trouble. With the reality of life comes the knowledge that bad news can strike at any time.

However, thank God, there is another reality that can keep us going. It is the reality of hope that is born of faith. And if anything, the season of Advent and Christmas gives us every reason to have hope!

As we make ready to celebrate again our Savior’s birth, we are reminded of that ultimate promise made by Almighty God to his children—that no matter how heavy the burden, how stark the circumstance, how discouraging the news, we can endure. We can conquer. We can know the joy of God’s unending love.

It is because Emmanuel has come! God is with us every moment of every day! We are not alone. That, dear brothers and sisters, is the reality to which we hold. Yes, love did come down at Christmas!

Thanks be to God!



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